Grading & Excavation – What is Right for You?

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So You Think You’re Ready to Start Your Project… Now What?

If you are considering construction on your property, hiring professional contractors to get you set up for success is a must. No matter the project, hiring professionals offers peace of mind knowing the job will be done safely and effectively.

Before hiring a company to handle site work, it is important for home and business owners to understand the differences between excavation and grading. Whether a project is commercial or residential, site work will be necessary in order to make improvements or prepare for scheduled construction.

To start a project, clearing is needed to remove any trees or foliage that may be in the way.  Clearing involves removing and processing trees and associated growth in order to prepare for further site work.

Once a property has been cleared, contractors can begin the excavation process. Excavation, in a nutshell, means moving earth. Whether it is preparing for a road, driveway, or foundation site, excavating contractors will remove stumps, boulders, organic material, and anything that might get in the way of construction.

Once excavation has been done, contractors have a good base to begin their construction projects. This is where residential and commercial grading comes into play. Now that stumps, rocks, and other obstacles are removed, the property can be leveled and contoured to accommodate the planned construction. For example, before a driveway can be poured, residential grading must be used to shape and level the driveway to provide a safe and well-engineered surface to drive on.

Excavation-rocks-machineFrom residential and commercial excavation to grading, the process is a simple progression that prepares the property for commercial and residential use. Whether it’s excavating a foundation to build a new home, or grading the landscape to prepare for an expansive yard, Fitzgerald Mechanical can ensure the job is done correctly. Call today to get a quote. Our number is (208) 340-4691!

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