How a Septic Tank is Replaced


How a Septic Tank is Replaced

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So, you’ve discovered you need a new septic tank. Now what? Well, if you have started to do a little research, you have come across fragments of information from all over the web that has your head spinning. But breathe easy, we’re here to help. By the end of this article, you will know everything you need to know about what it takes to replace your septic tank. And if you hire us, you wont have to worry about a thing.

Once you’ve determined your septic tank needs to be replaced, it is important to know the state septic regulations on laws and requirements for septic installations. States regulate wastewater and septic systems through an environmental agency or health department. When conducting maintenance, repair, installation, of a septic system, permits are required.

After understanding state regulations a soil evaluation and a “perc test” need to be done. Whats a perc test? The word perc is short for percolation, which comes from the Latin word percolare meaning “to strain through.” Percolation is the process that occurs when water hits the soil and then drains through the soil. A perc test is used to determine the rate of water absorption in the soil. This test can cost anywhere between $150-$1,500 but it is an important step to ensure that the drain field will do its job correctly. Since the septic tank holds all of home’s wastewater, over time it will overflow into the drain field and into the soil so that it will filter the water before it goes back into the natural underground system. If the soil doesn’t pass a perc test, it means the water doesn’t drain through the soil properly, which could lead to the inability to flush toilets.

The next step is to determine what type and size septic tank fits your needs. Septic tanks in residential areas generally range in size from 800 to 1,300 gallons. A two bedroom house processes less wastewater daily than a four-bedroom home, so it may be able to meet its needs with a smaller tank, while a 4 bedroom home would need a larger tank. An important thing to remember is that septic tanks constantly clean themselves, so buying a bigger tank does not mean maintenance can be avoided for longer. The prices of the septic tanks will vary based on holding capacity and materials the ta


nk is made of. Septic tanks can be made of plastic or concrete. Plastic tanks are lighter and less expensive to move and install. However, plastic can rise to the surface of the soil if they are not installed properly. Be sure to talk with professionals to find the best fit for your home and be sure to understand the maintenance requirements for the septic system you choose so that you are enabled to keep it functioning effectively.

After the right septic tank for your home is found, the professionals can begin preparing the right equipment for the job, since heavy machinery is required. Before the digging, removing, and replacing begins, remember to cover topics such as landscaping options (do you want the removed dirt left or removed from your property?), and plan ahead for plumbing to be turned off for the amount of time to complete the installation. There are many variables for proper installation including weather conditions, soil conditions, and other extenuating conditions, such as tree roots or inaccessibility of site area. In most cases, installation can be completed in three days. Price for installation will vary depending on tank size and type, and any prep work necessary.

Last on the list is to have an inspection done before using the new system. Inspection of the system is required after installation and before you can make use of your plumbing appliances. An inspector will need to come to your property and run through a checklist to determine that the system has been installed to industry standards, is up to code, and is working properly.

This process can seem like a large undertaking, which is why Fitzgerald Mechanical is here to help. We have years of experience, expertise, and customer satisfaction under our belt to let you rest, knowing that have your septic needs taken care of. We will ensure that the right septic tank is chosen, that you know how to keep your septic tank maintained, and will ensure that the job is done professionally and accurately. We know how important your plumbing is to your everyday life and will ensure that everything is taken care of. Call Fitzgerald Mechanical to get a quote today at (208) 340-4691!

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