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Septic Installation Ada County Idaho

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A septic system is ideal for the primary treatment of domestic waters. This type of system is perfect for those remote homes, where the regular sewer system does not arrive, such as rural areas or very far properties.

These systems purify the water through the separation and physical-chemical transformation of the organic waste contained in the drainage waters. Although not as efficient as a purifying station, it is a practical, economical and simple method of treating wastewater.

How does it work?

The septic system consists of two primary processes: The physical, in which through filters or decantation by gravity the separation of water and solid waste is made. Then a chemical process takes place, in which different anaerobic bacteria act, converting these organic wastes into their essential components (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen mainly).

Once decomposed, this inert matter is soluble in water and goes along with it. Thanks to this bacterial process the amount of organic matter decreases. In this way, water returns to nature, without causing a significant impact.

Efficient Use of the Septic System

  • A part of the solid waste will not decompose and will accumulate at the bottom of your septic system. You must remove this waste every 1 or 2 years (depending on the use). For this procedure, hire a professional service, which will take the waste and treat it appropriately.
  • Septic tanks work more efficiently when the water remains in it for a long time. If you are going to do a septic installation in Ada County, consider making the system as big as space and budget allow.
  • When the flow of wastewater is abundant, or the septic system serves several houses, there are ways to accelerate the decomposition process of the solids. In those cases, you can install a pump that bubbles air into the first chamber of the system. In this way, both aerobic and anaerobic decomposition will happen.
  • You must design your drainage system efficiently. Ideally, the septic tank should only have sewage (from the WC) and water with organic waste (the kitchen waste, for example). Rainwater and other domestic waters should be diverted directly to nature (always use biodegradable products). If you need help with the design of your sewer systems, we at Fitzgerald Plumbing can assist you.
  • Avoid disposing of non-organic materials in any of the pipes that go to the septic tank. Eliminate items such as diapers and compresses with ordinary garbage.
  • If your cooking produces much fat to waste, you should install a grease separator between the kitchen and the septic tank. Place it as close as possible to the source, to avoid the accumulation of fats in the drains.

Fitzgerald Plumbing Provides You the Best Septic Service

If you need a septic installation in Ada County or need to repair your current system, we are your best choice. Our team of professionals is ready to install your new septic system or replace the current one. We guarantee that the project will be done quickly and professionally. Contact us; we will be glad to assist you.

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