Septic Installs in Idaho Are in our Roots

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Septic Installs in Idaho Are in our Roots

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Historically, Idahoans living in more rural areas have relied on septic systems

Since 1900, septic systems have allowed an adequate treatment of sewage in remote homes. These systems purify water through the physicochemical decomposition of waste. They are an excellent choice in those properties where the regular sewer system does not arrive, providing an adequate and economical solution.

If you want to install a septic system on your property, you must consider the type of use the well will have in the first place. These systems work better the longer the water stays inside them. In that sense, for a holiday home, you can opt for a standard system, but you will need a larger one for permanent usage properties.

You must also take in mind the available space to install the system. Also consider the type of soil, the underground humidity and the amount of rain that the ground receives in the year. Finally, it is essential that you know the different options of septic tanks available, so that you choose the one that best suits your requirements.


They are a popular option (after concrete tanks). In the market there are different sizes, you can also find models with one or two treatment chambers. They are light and resistant, and they do not damage by rust.

Among the disadvantages of plastic systems is the risk of cracking due to extreme temperature differences, or the presence of tree roots near them. Within the category, they represent the most economical option.


These systems are manufactured with a plastic alloy and reinforced with this type of fiber. They are lightweight and easy to transport, and unlike polyethylene systems, they support better significant temperature changes.

Another advantage of these systems is their resistance to chemical and corrosive products. They are more resistant to roots too. The disadvantage of this system is its lightweight. If they are not adequately anchored and installed, the saturation of the groundwater can make them move, and even float.


This is the least durable option available (they only last between 20 and 25 years). The main reason for their low resistance is that they are susceptible to oxidation, and to the interaction with the elements present in the soil. If you acquire a property with this type of system, a thorough review is recommended, and replace it if necessary. For the evaluation of your septic installation in Idaho , count on the support of Fitzgerald Plumbing.


It is the most common option in the market. The investment may be a bit higher, but a concrete system has more significant benefits. They are the most durable option in the market. Also, you can build a system of the right size for the needs of your property. They are stable, robust, resistant and are not susceptible to the presence of roots.

For your concrete septic tank project to be successful, you must ensure that the construction material is of high quality. The most advisable thing is to have the support of a specialized company, such as the services offered by Fitzgerald Plumbing, the best company for septic installation in Idaho.

Our extensive experience in the evaluation, construction, and replacement of septic systems is at your disposal so that you can enjoy adequate management of wastewater from your property. Contact us; we are ready to assist you.

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