Septic Tank Installs in the Treasure Valley


Septic Tank Installs in the Treasure Valley

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Inspect, Evaluate and Hire the Experts

A septic system is an ideal option for those properties that are far from the conventional sewer system. If you have one installed, you must maintain it correctly, and you will enjoy an excellent drainage system for years. Schedule at least one annual inspection for your system. It is essential to know the fundamental aspects that you must take into consideration when maintaining your septic system.

  • Inspect Piping

Waste and debris from home can plug the drainage system leading to your septic tank. Perform “flow tests” to verify that there are no obstructions. If something impedes the flow of water, you can use a plumber wire to remove the blockage.

You should also inspect the water outlet pipes. Trees’ roots are a usual problem (the flow of clean water attracts them). Remove those roots that may threaten the system.

  • Fluid Evaluation

The contaminating liquids of the septic system accumulate at the bottom (sludge), and on the surface (scum). Open the tank and evaluate the degree of retention of both types of waste. In the case of scum, you should drain the septic tank when the bottom of this debris layer is 4 inches from the water outlet.

In the case of sludge, you must take in mind the dimensions of the system, and the height of the waste layer. Is better if you ask for the support of a professional to carry out the evaluation.

  • Tank Inspection

If you detect bad odors around your system, it is possible that the structure has suffered some damage. In these cases, it is necessary to excavate until the walls of the well are exposed, to evaluate the presence of cracks and leaks.

This type of work may require specialized machinery, so it is advisable to seek professional help. If you need to perform some septic install in treasure valley Idaho, we at Fitzgerald Plumbing have a team of specialists ready to assist you.

  • Drainage system review

To complete the evaluation of your septic system, you must inspect the water exit area. This must keep dry, without flooding. It is possible that sometimes it is flooded by excess water intake (if visitors come and stay a few days, for example). In those cases, the area will return to normal after the particular condition passes.

If the flood is not the product of a specific situation, it is necessary to repair the drainage area of your well. For this, an excavation must be made to remove the material and replace it with new drainage fill. The Fitzgerald Plumbing team can also assist you in case you need it.

Trust the Experts

If you want to install or perform a Septic Install in Treasure Valley, we offer years of experience and service. We have tailored solutions to your needs so that you can maintain your drainage and water treatment system in optimal conditions, for the benefit of your family and the environment. Also, our extended coverage allows us to serve you in the most distant places of the region. Contact us; we will be happy to assist you.

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