Septic Installs in Idaho Are in our Roots

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Septic Installs in Idaho Are in our Roots
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Historically, Idahoans living in more rural areas have relied on septic systems Since 1900, septic systems have allowed an adequate treatment of sewage in remote homes. These systems purify water through the physicochemical decomposition of waste. They are an excellent choice in those properties where the regular sewer system does not arrive, providing an adequate […]

Perc Testing in Meridian, Idaho
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Unfortunately, perc testing in Meridian Idaho is becoming more stringent by the day. It’s getting harder and harder to work with county officials in Meridian to get septic systems in the ground. There are many reasons for this; some bureaucratic, and some environmental. Fortunately, Fitzgerald Plumbing, Septic, and Excavation know all the ins and outs […]

Septic Tank Installs in the Treasure Valley
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Inspect, Evaluate and Hire the Experts A septic system is an ideal option for those properties that are far from the conventional sewer system. If you have one installed, you must maintain it correctly, and you will enjoy an excellent drainage system for years. Schedule at least one annual inspection for your system. It is […]